About Us

 Fins Magazine was started in 2019 sharing the world of mermaids from an enthusiast and photographer perspective, with some mermaid content thrown in.  


With the addition of Jeff Weiner from JW Creative Art in 2020, Fins is growing. Not only are we combining the world of digital artistry with mermaids, we are expanding our content.  Not just a platform for mermaids to be featured, it is now a place for mermaid related businesses and mermaids to learn, grow and celebrate this amazing and positive community making big changes in our world. 

A community finding ways to grow and adapt in spite of a world turned upside down by a global pandemic.  Meeting the rising tides of mermaids in the world, Fins has mers from around the globe providing expertise from their own special perspectives. Our content includes:


Open submissions for mermaids and photographers to share their collaborations. The WHOLE reason we started was for every level of mermaid.  This makes sure we are as open as we can.  


Open submissions for mer-families.  Merfolk families come in many shapes, sizes, colors and forms.  We want to share all the mer-pods, parents, couples, children, siblings, cousins and families. 


Safety. Safety. Safety. A very important topic for mermaids. Mermaids are around water and when you add tails, the need for swimming skills, education, awareness and other safety needs dramatically increase. Covering certifications, mermaid schools, freediving and more, this is a recurring series on topic that commands respect.


Merfolk support from a mermaid therapist.  Join us as Megan Jones (Ms.Faelyn), professional mermaid and therapist, visits topics on mental health with a positive mermaid twist.


There is a lot to the world of mermaids and this is where you will see it! Bringing subjects merfolk want to know, opportunities are abound for learning more about topics like, DIY  projects, tips, exercise, swimming, tails, fins, to professional mermaid tips to underwater stretching, mermaid education tops are endless.


Learn about different conservation efforts and projects from around the world.  Mermaids are very passionate about saving our oceans/waters and the life therein. This is our way of sharing and supporting efforts of mers everywhere.



This is where we share who have a special place in the world of merfolk.  These may be tailmakers, conservationists, photographers, business owners, artists, performers, models, actors and more!



The world of mermaids is about photographers and videographers too.  Whether it be posing a mermaid above water or getting the right gear underwater, join us as we cover photography in the world of mermaids.



There are tons of mermaid festivals, fairs, conventions, parades and other mermaid events waiting for mermaids to joing them.  As we learn about them, we aim to share them so all the world can participate in the magic that is mermaids.

We are bringing content the world of mers has shared with us that they want to see.  Content that will be postive, educational, inclusive and fun!  All centered on the reason we started, sharing the mers that make this world so wonderful!