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Girl at Aquarium

Mermaids Break Records 
World Ocean Day 2021

Mermaids drew 35,000 viewers on World Ocean Day.  In conjunction with the CILC (Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration), mermaids achieved levels not seen before on the platform.  Sessions were overcapacity in 4 out of 5 programs.  Viewers joined from over 12 countries.  Our one-day total was 10% last year's 12 month total.

With five programs,  professional educators in a mermaid tail, and the support of aquariums, zoos, and rescues, mermaids went live with experts from around the world.  Learning about stingrays, coral reefs, sea turtles, American eels, and Little Penguins, children and adults alike were engaged and excited while learning about biodiversity, habitats,  life cycles, ecosystems, and challenges faced therein.  Each program concluded with how we can all help to reduce human impacts to their fragile environments.

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