Patricia Pastrano

Pat is the editor and an owner of Fins. As a financial business analyst for over 20 years with a passion for photography, she started Fins in 2019 to give mermaids and photographers a place to have their works published. Analyzing international markets, corporate accounting, cost and revenue forecasting analysis, she has combined her love for photography and mermaids to partner with Jeff to bring Fins Magazine to its full potential focusing on community, communication, content and commerce.

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Editor In Chief | Owner


Brett Stanley

Brett Stanley is an award winning underwater portrait photographer for more than ten years. Born in Australia and based out of LA, he travels the world to shoot new people and new locations. Photography, especially underwater photography, is a steady constant in the world of mermaids. Having someone of Brett's knowledge and expertise is an invaluable resource as Fins explores all things mermaid.

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Advisory Board


Hannah Mermaid

World acclaimed professional underwater mermaid and performance artist is the groundbreaking pioneer inventing the vocation of Mermaiding. She creates her own functional yet highly exquisite mermaid tails and also models and dances underwater. A dedicated Ocean activist, Hannah travels the world performing for charity projects to commercial ventures to bring awareness to the ocean and it’s precious animal life. Hannah performs in exotic locations appearing in numerous movies and shoots swimming in the open ocean with sharks, dolphins, whales, seals, manta rays and more. Hannah uses her unique link to the ocean to inspire and educate people on the importance of marine life.

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Advisory Board


Smokie West

College professor with a Doctorate in Business Administration, Smokie is also a professional mermaid. Through her personal and mermaid platform, she promotes conservation, reducing single use plastics, is a Mermaid Straws ambassador, assist with local animal rescues when on the water, and rehabilitate injured land animals. She has led school based environmental groups to help clean up litter in multiple areas throughout the state. Passionate about preserving the natural beauty of our springs, rivers, and ocean, as well as land areas. With a vast knowledge on education, conservation, business, mermaiding and photography, she is a tremendous asset to the Fins team.

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Director of Education | Advisory Board


Paige Moyles

Paige is a Canadian professional mermaid, who has worked for over decade in aquatic entertainment, recreation, fitness, and water quality. She has worked as an aquatic manager, managing teams of over 100 people and incharge of running and developing aquatic programming, which has included standardization for monofin and tail acceptance in public pools. She focuses on safety, team building, uplifting others and showing everyone they have the potential to reach their goals. Paige is extremely excited about working with Fins to bring new ideas, great content and help build a wider sense of community. Reaching the hearts of people and sharing the spirit of the mermaid, is a passion that Paige is ready to bring to Fins readers and the mermaid community.

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Content Director


Eric Kelsey

Eric has been a professional photographer for over a decade. In his career, he has been a lighting technician and high rigger and has installed and managed security systems for hospitals, banks, Facebook, cruise lines, Best Buy and large industrial/commercial facilities. He has had multiple covers and has been a photographer for Fins since it's beginning!

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Scarlett Emrath

Scarlet, referred to in the merfolk community as Mermaid Alayziah, wears many hats. She is talents and the artistic director for @thewanteddepths on instagram as well as a professional freelance seamstress/costume designer. Conservation has always been important to her and being a mermaid means being an ambassador for each body of water, keeping them clean, happy, and healthy. Deciding to be part of Fins Magazine was an easy choice, wanted to help foster the growth of something real, wonderful, and diverse.

Writer | Reporter | Photographer


John Rodriguez

John, aka The Traveling Merman, is a merman traveling the world. A merman who enjoys exploring all of its oceans and beaches and sharing his culture and all the things he learns on his travels. We are excited to look to John for special reports in different locations and with his unique perspectives.

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Grace Page

After being a hobbyist mermaid for 2 years Grace launched her company Hire A Mermaid UK in 2014, which is an agency for performing mermaids. She has since started a Mermaid Camp, won Miss Mermaid UK 2016, became Miss Mermaid International Director, UK representative at the World Mermaid Championships 2019 and has launched her own fabric tail company, H&G Tails in March 2021. She developed the world's first collapsible mermaid tank and has performed in UK aquariums and other shows all over the world. She has a following of 1.2 million on Tiktok (MermaidGraceOfficial) and has been seen on multiple UK TV shows - she has her finger on the pulse of the growing community that is UK Mermaiding and has connections throughout Europe as well.

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Amarie Tolentino

A professional mermaid from Manila, Amarie is very instrumental in seeing that mermaiding is for everyone: from teaching mermaids how to make their own tail, to making sure that they are safely trained and educated in being a mermaid. We are very excited to have Amarie join us and lead us to discover all things Fins Philippines.

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Mary Mermaid

Mary is a full time instructor diver and mermaid. In these roles, she supports her passion for the environment and ocean conservation in various ways including organizing ocean clean ups. We look forward to learning more from Mary and her different perspective of the world.



Ria Lovedor

Mermaid Ria is New Zealand’s real-life mermaid!
Underwater performer, model and voice for the ocean, Mermaid Ria is a mermaid on a mission to raise awareness of oceanic issues and to help protect the creatures that call the ocean their home.
As well as a professional mermaid, Ria is training to become a scuba and freediving instructor and works as a freelance writer. With her experience in writing and her passion for all things mermaid she has joined the Fins Magazine team to bring two of her passions together to meet amazing people and to tell their stories.

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Mermaid Bekah

Mermaid Bekah has been mermaiding for 13 years. A freshwater mermaid from Pennsylvania, she is a professional certified SSI Ocean Mermaid. She runs the Pennsylvania Mermaid Pod with a passion for conservation, education, community and growing small businesses. She creates events, sets up appearances, mentors new mermaids and connects the merfolk community throughout Pennsylvania.

Mermaid Bekah



Tiffany Kay Myer

A military spouse and mother originally from New Orleans, Tiffany has lived and visited places all over the US and been to Mexico a few times. She is a disabled mermaid, having found swimming as one of the few physical activities that she can still do safely. She has loved marine life especially orcas and dolphins since she was a small child and became certified to scuba dive at 16.

FB: Purple.Desert.Siren

Writer | Reporter | Photographer


Graceanne Taylor

Graceanne spends her time on land working full time as an environmental educator at a grassroots non-profit. She spends much of her time underwater while serving as the science liaison and divemaster at a local public safety dive team. Graceanne is Mermaid Brizo the owner of Barnegat Bay mermaid spreading the magic of mermaids while educating about the bay she calls home. She is the founder of the Mermaids for Environmental Education Group on Facebook. Graceanne aspires to teach young people how to be ambassadors for the environment via the magic of mermaids and grow within the mermaid community and industry.

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Jeff Weiner

Jeff is the Chief Executive Officer and owner of Fins. Bringing 40+ years of C-level business experience, multi-milion dollar business start ups and publishing background, he partnered with Pat in 2020 to help Fins grow into its potential. A history not only in start ups, Jeff is also experienced in navigating the publishing world. He is also an award winning digital artist. Sharing in Pat's vision for Fins, he is bringing business, art, publishing and start up experience that is growing Fins Magazine to be the place for all things mermaid.

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Chief Executive Officer | Owner


Morgana Alba

Morgana is the owner of Circus Siren Entertainment, a professional circus performer, and a professional mermaid. She is also the co-founder of MerMagicCon, the World's Largest Mermaid Convention.
Her experiences in the mermaid industry as a performer and professional business woman with an entrepreneurial mindset is a huge asset to the Fins team as they navigate the rapidly growing world of mermaids.

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Advisory Board


Michelle Mozdzen

Michelle is an attorney, a professional mermaid for 15 years and a champion swimmer. She brings perspective, experience and a deep understanding of mermaiding. Her and her husband do the Merlympics held each year at Mermagicon. Michelle is also active in a greyhound rescue and is a certified coi keeper.

Advisory Board


Rachel Smadja

Rachel is a full time professional mermaid, as well as a mermaid competition coach.

She is one of the most highly regarded mermaids in Israel, frequently featured in the press and knowledgeable on environmental issues. Rachel's passion for conservation and her unique perspective of mermaids from Israel we are expecting informative and engaging content.

FB: mermaid.rachel89

Assistant Editor


Ron McGee

Professional photographer for over 50 years, photography has always been a passion - having fun while getting the image right. I enjoy every aspect of photography and combining photography and computer graphic scenes. With drone photography and videography, expands his portfolio to provide beautiful images and video.



Nanneene McManis

Nanneene is a mutli-talented professional in business purchasing, Having worked in many different environments, she is very versatile and a valued part of our team. She is motivated to help Fins because of the good it is doing for raising awareness of conservation through the magic of mermaids.



Production Assistant


Zee Blackwell

Multi-talented professional that is half of the visual storytelling team, TheWantedDepths. Also known as Merman Zee, he is passionate about supporting conservation and spreading awareness.


@mermaid onyx

Mermaid Onyx

Onyx is a mermaid, a zoologist, a small business consultant, former military and all around knowledge power house.  Onyx and all her expertise is key as we interview businesses, pods, mermaids and safety experts.  We look forward to her content as she delves into special projects to make our mermaid world better.

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Mermaid Odette

Mermaid Odette full-time professional mermaid. She is based in Tucson, AZ and works across the US, bring new innovative elements to the performance. Having included a series of ocean preservation and education classes in her mermaid performing company, we are excited to learn more from her about performing, oceans and more.

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Mermaid Amethyst

Mermaid Amethyst and her famly do it all. A professional mermaid whose WHOLE family gets involved, from pirates to mer-tenders to mermaids. Amethyst also has a business making mermaid relate dproducts acessories and is seen performing all over. Amethyst is ctive in ocean and beach cleanups, local conservation organizaitions and projects.

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@mermaidprincess aurora

Jessica Mcferson

Mermaid Princess Aurora is a freshwater mermaid in Lake Pleasant, Arizona. Aurora loves anything sparkly and it shows as she's easily distracted by shiny things. She is a member of a performance team called Mer-Sync. Aurora performs for The Mermaids of Lake Pleasant and loves to help the lake by picking up trash around the lake to help keep our lake clean. Aurora also supports Avian Underdogs Rescue Association. Her favorite thing about being a Mermaid is seeing faces light up whenever people see her. Making people smile Aurora is happy to support Fins Magazine to help spread awareness about mermaiding and keeping our oceans and freshwater sources clean.

FB: Jessica Kathaleen Mcferson



Jacy Peck

Mermaid Jacy has been performing in stage shows and operas for 25 years. In 2019, while battling with health issues, Jacy turned to Mermaiding for personal health and wellbeing. Using her background and experience in Early Childhood Education Jacy published her first children's book in October 2020. Jacy uses her passion for Mermaiding to teach young children about the importance of water conservation and the protection of wild spaces. Mermaid Jacy continues to use Mermaiding to promote water safety, to encourage reading, and to ignite a passion for protecting wildlife and waterways.



Leah Arfele

Master Social Worker turned pro-mermaid after suddenly gaining custody of young children. Mermaid Leah's performing began as self-care and quickly evolved into joining local conservation and repurposing efforts, waterway cleanups, and collaborations throughout the community. She values empowerment and being resourceful and enjoys crafting with organic materials.



Veronica Conde Blanco

Creator of “Verónica Mermaid”, an informative show focused on nature, oceans, seas, rivers and all the creatures that populate it. She shares her passions of conservation and promotion, by hosting workshops, storytellers, didactic talks, meetings in schools and colleges, mermaid swim classes, events, sports, aquatic shows, and more

FB: VeronicaMermaid