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Mermaids Break Records 
World Ocean Day 2021

Mermaids drew 35,000 viewers on World Ocean Day.  In conjunction with the CILC (Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration), mermaids achieved levels not seen before on the platform.  Sessions were overcapacity in 4 out of 5 programs.  Viewers joined from over 12 countries.  Our one-day total was 10% last year's 12 month total.

With five programs,  professional educators in a mermaid tail, and the support of aquariums, zoos, and rescues, mermaids went live with experts from around the world.  Learning about stingrays, coral reefs, sea turtles, American eels, and Little Penguins, children and adults alike were engaged and excited while learning about biodiversity, habitats,  life cycles, ecosystems, and challenges faced therein.  Each program concluded with how we can all help to reduce human impacts to their fragile environments.

Following on this success, Fins Magazine is now an ongoing provider on the CILC platform.  See our current programs at the CILC here.

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Fins has launched an educational program in an ongoing relationship with CILC (Center for Interactive Collaboration).  Our first event reached 35,000 educators and children.  With mermaid reporters in this new educational program, children and adults can be engaged with the magic of mermaids while learning on different topics supporting the importance of conservation and awareness.

Bringing content even adults will enjoy learning, our team of professionals are collaborating and sharing their passion for education, conservation, and awareness.  From the Hawaiian coast to Europe and even New Zealand, we here at Fins Magazine look forward to seeing where the magic and positivity of mermaids will go.  


ALOHA!  Welcome to Hawaii!  We are going to the island of Oahu to learn about volcanos!  

Fins Magazine's Education Reporter Mermaid Chelsea will be exploring volcanos!  With all types of volcanos around the world, we will be learning basics of different types, which ones are in Hawaii, how islands are formed and how seeds and animals arrived on Hawaii.  We will discuss what impacts they have when active, and their role in biodiversity.  Next we will engage in discussion how beneficial volcanos are to biodiversity and ways that we can ensure that the good they do for natural environments is preserved.   We will conclude with time for questions and answers from the students.
Join us as we go to Canada to learn about living dinosaurs found in their waters:  Sturgeon!
Let's learn about bats!  Fins Magazine Education Reporter, Mermaid Rachelle, will be showing us some bats and talking with us about them.   The ONLY flying mammal, bats are much more than what stories would have us think.  We will learn how they are a part of a balanced ecosystem, their role, different species, how they hear and see, habitats, eating habits, and other fun things that you might not expect. Next, we talk about how they are beneficial to farmers and communities for their pest control abilities. Finally, we will talk about their role in biodiversity and how that role may be exposed to negative impacts from humans. Engaging in a discussion about ways to reduce the effects humans have in our daily lives will lead to our time for questions and answers.
Live from the bayous and rivers of Texas, we will be learning about the American Alligator!

Fins Magazine's Education Reporter Mermaid Ayesha will be telling us about her American Alligator friends, Vodoo and Bayou. A species that was near extinction, these pre-historic creatures have made a successful comeback.  

We will learn about the natural history of the American alligator, characteristics, adaptations, and diet to better understand the importance of the American Alligator as a keystone species in its natural environment. Next, we will discuss the status of the American alligator, its role in biodiversity and what can be done to reduce human impacts on its fragile environment. Finally, we will identify ways we can help in our daily activities to help.  The program will conclude with an opportunity for questions and answers.  

**Depending on the schedule, Voodoo and Bayou may not be able to attend ALL segments.
Pull out your shorts and put on your flower leis; we are flying to Hawaii on Albatross Airlines!  Fins Magazine's Education Reporter will be live to teach us all about the albatross and hopefully catch a glimpse of one, which will be hard since they can fly up to six years without landing!

Mermaid Chelsea will share more fun facts like this interspersed with its history, lifecycle, environment, and role in biodiversity.  She will also be covering other topics, such as endangered status, factors impacting this status, and the importance of its role in biodiversity. Then, presenting solutions to reduce the human impacts on this majestic bird, we will discuss how we can each protect its fragile environment. Finally, we will conclude with time for questions and answers.
Learn how wolves that were introduced into the wilds of Yellowstone brought balance and restored an ecosystem where all inhabitants had been previously struggling.
Mermaid Jacy will be live in Erin Ontario with Educator Jen about
growing your own harvest and seed libraries. Educator Jen will hellp Mermaid
Jacy understand the importance of a seed library, what they are, and where
someone may find them. She will discuss the benefits  of growing your own food for us and the environment, share how it
can be done and even see the bounty from her yard.   We will then talk about activities for the garden and other ways we can help the environment with things like having our own garden.

We are going to Chatauaqua Wildlife Refuge in Illinois to learn about ducks.  Fins Magazine's Education Reporter will be on location to talk with Stephanie Bishir, Wildlife Biologist.

We will be discussing the wildlife refuge, what it is and does.  We will learn about the different species, their habitat needs, migratory patterns, and dangers in their environments.   Identifying their role in biodiversity, we will identify ways we can each help reduce negative human impacts on its fragile environment.  During the program, the reporter will show examples of the discussion points.   The program will conclude with questions and answers.
Native American Maiden Tangles with Catfish -- Story & Lessons with Mermaid Leah
Join Mermaid Ayesha in San Marcos, TX to learn about the Texas blind salamander.  An endangered species it is only found in the Edwards Aquifer pools.  Come join us as she goes live on location!
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