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Inspirational individuals who have a special place in the world of mermaids.  Found in many different roles and perspectives of the mermaid world, inspirations abound in the form of tailmakers, conservationists, photographers, business owners, artists, performers, models, actors and more! 

MER101: Mermaid  Education


There is a lot to the world of mermaids and this is where you will see it! Bringing subjects merfolk want to know, opportunities are abound for learning more about topics like, DIY  projects, tips, exercise, swimming, tails, fins, to professional mermaid tips to underwater stretching, mermaid education topics are endless.


Underwater Photography

The world of mermaids is about photographers and videographers too.  Whether it be posing a mermaid above water or getting the right gear underwater, join us as we cover photography in the world of mermaids.

Events, Festivals & Parades


There are tons of mermaid festivals, fairs, conventions, parades and other mermaid events waiting for mermaids to joing them.  As we learn about them, we aim to share them so all the world can participate in the magic that is mermaids.



Safety. Safety. Safety. A very important topic for mermaids. Mermaids are around water and when you add tails, the need for swimming skills, education, awareness and other safety needs dramatically increase. Covering certifications, mermaid schools, freediving and more, this is a recurring series on topic that commands respect.

Flaunt Your Fins


Content featuring all levels of  mermaids and photographers.  This is their place to be published as well as share their mersona. Our collection of magazines shows mermaids from almost every perspective, week day professional to weekend enthusiast. 


Plastic Polluted Ocean

Learn about different conservation efforts and projects from around the world.  Mermaids are very passionate about saving our oceans/waters and the life therein. This is our way of sharing and supporting efforts of mers everywhere.

Ready to Get Published

We encourage your mermaid related submissions (open to all) and look forward to seeing your creativity. We take submissions for all content areas of our magazine.   After the submissions are received, the Fins team will review for inclusion in the magazine. 

  • Submissions are always open. 

  • We accept written and photography submissions. 

  • Include 4-12 unwater-marked high resolution (300+dpi) CMYK images in png/jpg from. 

  • To increase likelihood of selection, ensure images are from the same set and photographer are encouraged.

  • Pictures taken from a cell phone will not be accepted.

Due to our processes and layout space, we do not notify those selected prior to the issue's release.