Sometimes things that seem obvious don’t exist.


We are mermaids; we live, breathe, and sleep mermaid 24/7, 365 days a year. We have a mermaid magazine called Fins Magazine, which is now rounding out its second year of publishing. We interviewed and featured well over 100 mermaids, especially as our editor created her “Editor to Mermaid” transformation. We discovered some really practical problems with mermaid tail bags and learned from other mermaids that they felt the same way. 


Mermaids need a tail bag that:

  1. will fit all sizes of monofins,

  2. have drainage systems,

  3. interior storage for wet and dry,

  4. and the most ways to carry as possible.

We looked high and low, scoured the globe but could not find one that had those features.


There are great tail bags made by great people, but they just didn’t have what we wanted as mermaids.

We finally decided we would just make our own. 

Fins Professional Mermaid Equipment was born.
That’s when it got exciting.  We had a blank piece of paper so to speak, which we could put everything we wanted into one design.

That’s when it got exciting. We had a blank piece of paper so to speak, which we could put everything we wanted into one design. The list was long:

 > Waterproof interior and exterior
> Luggage trolly sleeve, backpack straps,          carrying handle and shoulder straps
> Exterior bag storage pocket with additional pockets inside
> Large zipped interior storage pocket
> Interior net
>Separated interior compartments for wet/dry
> Crushproof rigid sidewalls for travel
> Padded belt 
> Drainage system


And more… BUT...  Could it be done? 

After many, many hours of designs, ideas, problem-solving, and detailing we did it!
Now we present it to you and hope you love it too!


We are humbled and appreciative at not only meeting but surpassing our goal!  
Thank you for your love and support!

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First you gotta get there.......

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Get your mermaid on.....

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You simply can't find a tail bag on the market with all of our features






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Cool Features

Universal Design


There are so many fins, so many tails, and so many places to go. Designed to accommodate the variety of shapes and sizes mermaid tails and fins come in, it makes going to your favorite watering hole or that gig a lot easier to accommodate your unique traveling mermaid needs.

Drainage System


Innovative and functional, we have added a drain system to allow you to control when the water drains from your bag. Some have found that drainage holes are a necessity.  Others have complained that drainage holes are awkward and annoying to automatically have the water drain onto your back and legs while carrying your tails back from a swim.  With this tail bag, you can have it YOUR way!

FOUR ways to carry

Tailbag shots.png

1. BACKPACK: Semi-detachable backpack straps that can be hidden in the storage pouch. 

2.  CARRYING HANDLE:  Two-inch wide strip for carrying with one hand.

3.  SHOULDER STRAP:  Three-inch wide strap for over shoulder carrying.

4.  TROLLEY SLEEVE:  Incorporated trolley sleeve for sliding your tail bag onto luggage trolleys or retractable carry-on handles.

Other Features


With so many mermaid needs, here are some other aspects you may like:

  • Convenient side pocket

  • Internal divider

  • Internal elastic cross ribbons to secure fins.

  • Internal mesh pocket 

  • Reinforced solid bottom

  • Sturdy padded sides