This was so much fun and I'm so happy to have met all these wonderful Merfolk.

Michelle Colson, Guardian of the Springs

Fins Magazine: Events

Fins Magazine is proud to bring mermaid events for all levels of mermaids.    Our first event, Swim Into Summer Las Vegas, was a ton of fun, and everybody wants more. In addition to the photoshoot, swimming, and nightlife fun, we will have mermaid certifications, seminars, workshops, and more. So come back to this page to check on updates for all the fun we have swimming in.


Event Types


Your chance to come to Vegas and indulge in your inner mer!   Have a professional photoshoot, swim with other mers, lounge on a float and flaunt those fins on the streets of Las Vegas.  We will be there with professional photographers capturing your best mermaid self with land and aerial images of your weekend!!


Enjoy the ultimate mermaid experience!  Come to Vegas for a week.  You will get the same thing as the Mermaid Retreats just add on a week!


Get your scuba diving certification and/or mermaid certification, photoshoot, swim and mermaid nighttime fun in Las Vegas!


Fins is going to be holding photoshoots for mermaids.  In addition to the group retreat sessions, we offer one-on-one sessions with an official Fins photographers.  Your photos will automatically be submitted for publish in the magazine.

Upcoming Events

Swim Into Summer Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV



Fins Mermaid Retreat


Las Vegas, NV


Details coming soon

Fins Photoshoot & River Cleanup


Phoenix, AZ


Almost Full