Grace Page


After being a hobbyist mermaid for 2 years Grace launched her company Hire A Mermaid UK in 2014, which is an agency for performing mermaids. She has since started a Mermaid Camp, won Miss Mermaid UK 2016, became Miss Mermaid International Director, UK representative at the World Mermaid Championships 2019 and has launched her own fabric tail company, H&G Tails in March 2021. She developed the world's first collapsible mermaid tank and has performed in UK aquariums and other shows all over the world. She has a following of 1.2 million on Tiktok (MermaidGraceOfficial) and has been seen on multiple UK TV shows - she has her finger on the pulse of the growing community that is UK Mermaiding and has connections throughout Europe as well.